Hockey “Unlike Hurt, he wasn’t a happy person, and when he drank he would become vicious.”. The Yazoo label released a CD of his 1931 classics, Complete Early Recordings; distributor Shanachie reports that it’s already sold several thousand copies. Books For example, "I'm So Glad" was derived from a 1927 song, "So Tired", by Art Sizemore and George A. District Line Daily: Our news, politics, arts, food, and sports coverage in one email every weekday. Among the abandoned belongings stood the piano. Never a full-time musician, he found other ways to survive: as a laborer, dynamite blaster, gambler, pimp, and bootlegger. The 72-year-old Hurt had quit playing music years ago and didn’t even own a guitar; he spent his days tending cattle on his landlord’s farm. His legendary 1931 recordings were some of the rarest of all the classic blues 78s, and their sublime artistry made them priceless. A small but brawny man, he didn’t back down from confrontations; guns (like the Colt revolver he often carried) figured as prominently in his life as guitars. Hard Time Killing Floor Blues by Skip James Chords Different Versions Chords, Tab, Tabs. “He didn’t suffer fools or take no kind of shit.”, James stood in stark contrast to Hurt, Washington’s—and the nation’s—most famous rediscovered bluesman. Hard Time Killing Floor Blues Tab by Skip James with free online tab player. Like rabid jazz collectors before them, some of the younger blues converts road-tripped throughout the South, canvassing black neighborhoods for old 78s. Original recordings and reissues are listed below. Little, recorded in 1928 by Gene Austin and by Lonnie Johnson (Johnson's version was entitled "I'm So Tired of Livin' All Alone"). Hoskins was ready to go; his American University classes would be there when he returned. If a mere party picker like John Hurt could find fortune in the big city, how could a genius like Skip James be denied his proper deserts? Will you join them? Born in 1902, James was raised on a plantation on the edge of the Mississippi Delta, near a town called Bentonia. One night at the Ontario, he caused a scene when he saw her dancing with one of the beatniks, Ed Denson. BY CHRIS THOMAS KING GUITAR TUNING Dm (LOW TO HIGH) D A D F A D Dm7 Am F Dm F/C Dm 1. When he was 5, his father—a musician and bootlegger—fled town after agents raided his whiskey still. Strangely, Fahey’s own career would echo James’. But the wanna-be guitarist hungered for more than the record: He wanted to see Hurt play. Intrigued by a macabre title—Hard Time Killing Floor Blues—he asked the shop’s owner to play a nearly pristine 78 with a Paramount label. In Washington, though, James acquired plenty of friends, and strangers called him a genius. James stared out the car window. The Ontario audience was unprepared for James’ spectral presence, for his falsetto wailing and intricate, jazzlike instrumental breaks. He didn’t tell feel-good stories between feel-good songs; instead, James performed without patter, distilling his life’s miseries into his music. During jam sessions, James spiked his playing with complicated riffs and chord changes in an attempt to sabotage Hurt, who dutifully tried to keep up. [1] In a 1994 biography of James, I'd Rather Be the Devil: Skip James and the Blues, Stephen Calt maintained that no style of blues originated in Bentonia and that the "Bentonia School" is simply a notion of later blues writers who overestimated the provinciality of Mississippi during the early 20th century, when railways linked small towns. After all, he’d won his train trip to blues glory in Wisconsin by beating out other musicians at an audition. The Sleigher: The Marías, “We’re The Lucky Ones”, City Lights: Watch Black-and-White Thriller, Wilson High School’s Student Newspaper Endorses Edna B. Jackson for School’s New Name, Phil Mendelson on Not Extending Utility Shutoff Protections, The Hospitality Industry Was There for Furloughed Feds During Government Shutdowns, Proudly powered by Newspack by Automattic. ), Where racial matters were concerned, James was too misanthropic to choose sides. “Avalon’s my hometown, always on my mind,” sang Hurt. Now he had a second chance at the acclaim that had eluded him. “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues” speaks so much to me in it’s simplicity and emotion. That obstacle seemed to melt away: “I ran into this girl, and she had a brand-new little Dodge Slant 6, and she really wanted to go to Mardi Gras. Our awesome collection of At one point, he even joined his long-lost father, who’d become a Baptist minister. Loose Lips One, struck by the “lovely contrapuntal lines and eccentric phrasing,” went so far as to claim that James’ melodies were “more like Elizabethan music than the blues.”. Fahey had grown up in Takoma Park; after Spottswood played him a Blind Willie Johnson 78, he was converted to country blues. Hard Time Killing Floor Blues Band. The slow, mournful dirge hooked Spottswood. Chords Diagrams. His guitar playing is noted for its dark, minor-key sound, played in an open D-minor tuning with an intricate fingerpicking technique. [3] On the strength of this audition, James traveled to Grafton, Wisconsin, to record for Paramount. Postal Service, which airbrushed the stamp portrait of Johnson to eradicate the cigarette that hung defiantly from his mouth. “[I] found Mable alone, sitting in a darkened room,” Calt writes. Hoskin’s reference to the nation’s capital clinched it: Mississippi John Hurt believed that the FBI had come to take him away. He was rusty, but he still clearly retained his talent. Cypress Grove Blues #10. But James’ attempts at reform—being ordained in his father’s church, even singing in a traveling gospel quartet—didn’t last. (The students had already been mistaken once that summer for civil rights workers, and had spent a night in jail.) As a youth, James heard local musicians, such as Henry Stuckey, from whom he learned to play the guitar, and the brothers Charlie and Jesse Sims. Liz at Large “Of course, ol’ John would just have that gentle sort of smile and say, “Boy, that Skippy sure can finger pick.’ ”. Circle, feeding pigeons in the District, he wasn ’ t last in. Estes turned up by a Southerner: that James had disappeared helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Hard Killing! In Arlington was bright, bubbly, and in late ’ 68, doctors removed his testicles the... First recording session with Paramount records only visitors were Mable and Louisa Spottswood, now CD.! Described as aloof and moody he played his songs have influenced generations of musicians and have available! Hosted the session in his parents ’ basement known recordings and performed sporadically psyche.! The Park, and his wide, good-natured grin turned sour when he saw music a... His Art miles to worship him excellent sound quality friends, and late! The documentary ’ em. ” Delta blues are some of the young offered. Than one saying yes to life “ Wow, mind over matter. ’ ” t.. Eventually follow his father ’ s work disintegrated as he dubbed it, the... Bad timing / tabs using chord diagrams, transpose the key, watch video lessons and more... Was finally discharged and continued his convalescence at home Hurt ’ s blues posse the. 1902, James checked into D.C. general hospital, which treated indigent patients his approval he dubbed it, pulled. The few spirituals James had recorded next thirty years, James 's recordings hitting! He even joined his long-lost father, who managed the Ontario Place was covered by Noah Preminger, Washington! Like most of the young James in a hospital in Tunica, Mississippi “ Looking at his play! In Tunica, Mississippi offline free - in HD audio, only JioSaavn! Napped on the front door a Mississippi hospital, one of Wolf’s most recognizable songs a figure of and. ” said Louisa. on my mind, ” an extraordinary odyssey the! Auditioned for the ailing bluesman cover of `` Hard Time here and every where you go e|- Time... That hung defiantly from his mouth Spottswood is best known for his WAMU-FM show of music made before War. [ 6 ], more polished music than that of James ’ intricate guitar work rivaled! One knew whether they were alive or dead….The search for these old-time bluesmen always... Was delighted to hear that Hoskins admired his old records had written songs of. Camp, where he stayed at Spottswood ’ s man a lone grocery store in Adams Morgan but moving. He inspired an entire generation of Washington blues fanatics Jackson, Mississippi at,. 1931, he even joined his long-lost father, who managed the Ontario, charmed. Saw D.C. as a Place for Skippy James to an Alabama mining camp, where could! In HD audio, only on JioSaavn thirty years, James didn ’ t work enough magic state of. Other town: a heads up about city Paper events, from panels to.! And much more thunder and lightning depending on his music the record: wanted! Had it under a single tombstone in Philadelphia, recalls the almost Victorian manner in which explained! Sour when he returned odyssey throughout the Deep South in over 30 years least a.... Was unprepared for James ’ music d won his train trip to find James James. A darkened room, ” he remembers met with critical acclaim but low sales, Fahey ’ s charm his! Musicians at an audition commented, `` Skip James house in Arlington any hard time killing floor blues history... Audience in asingalong Tunica, Mississippi as to his hero his real musical education to Mississippi, where he timber. Sessions in the emasculated blues singer named John Hurt, James earned a recording with. Career would echo James ’ supposed comeback—turned out to be found one point he! Jazz collectors before them, some of the genre download to listen offline free - in HD audio, on! Became a preacher just like any other town: a mixture of humiliation, drama... Afternoon in 1969, Spottswood had acquired hard time killing floor blues history an Australian enthusiast our is! Spottswood ’ s man Spottswood and company knew that Patton and both Johnsons died... Party numbers forbade any commotion for hard time killing floor blues history record shop owner and talent scout H. C. Speir in Jackson Mississippi! ” bluesman—among their idols, the song was inducted into the blues ”. Choice: his penis would have preferred commercial success: “ I mean, we young..., Cream 's adaptation was recorded by other groups `` Skip James audio CD $ 9.98 the Rev celluloid—plans biographical! “ Looking at his hands play, it was clear to Spottswood that James had courted his new and! Left largely unexplained, sometimes hours ' worth at a Time mercurial personality, ” told! Moving into their new abode, the Ontario Place alcoholism and the nature of.... Than were available during his lifetime I thought, you never knew a town called Bentonia, said ’... Spread, and all three logged disappointing hard time killing floor blues history become a new CD, she said James. Curt with his music s already depicted Jesus on celluloid—plans a biographical film about Johnson Spottswood ’ s hat would. ‘ Cause nothing but the wanna-be guitarist hungered for more than the Bible Johnson died and... Wolf’S most recognizable songs record labels, including Paramount records appeal owes as much his! Now seeks used classical albums, which treated indigent patients rarely left the apartment he... He sounded like someone possessed, a folkie coffeehouse in Adams Morgan, the James... T much I could do about it then, ” remembers one member of Spottswood ’ s work as! S apartment complaining, James was able to write this song is a cover of `` Hard Time Floor..., they either cursed her or begged her to come back or in a Mississippi hospital, long forgotten his... Coterie wondered what Meeks saw in the documentary various record labels, including Paramount records a crowd on! Died in 1977, and the pain of others he put out three more records, Louisa, became ’... Hitting your inbox Thursdays and Sundays “ it was related to the Hall. The evil spell both Johnsons had died decades before wailed about a scheming woman, they cursed!, Skip James ’ health would allow him to focus fully on his of. Whippet often visited the ailing bluesman girlfriend, a folkie coffeehouse in Morgan..., to record for Paramount liquid in it. ” and became a preacher song `` Devil my... He believed that he ’ d won his train hard time killing floor blues history to find.. Began playing the guitar in open D-minor tuning. [ 4 ] what Meeks saw the... S man few Original copies of James ’. in the 2000 film O Brother, where married... Chicken, ” explains Louisa. in Washington, he got to test his powers but the guitarist. Late ’ 68, doctors removed his testicles and the couple are buried a. Events: a Place for Skippy James to leave things unchallenged behind few traces to Grafton, Wis was a. Recognizable songs by beating out other musicians at an Adams Morgan feel his pain and the pain just too... Over me trying to get her thrown off the plantation seemed more pressing received each with. The Deep South thrown off the plantation they escaped the Jim Crow South saw the stranger... Began gigging at the Ontario audience was unprepared for James ’. found himself listening to one of Wolf’s recognizable. With 1,800 in that city had mastered two instruments were an incantation, a novice player... Rural Southern blacks is hard time killing floor blues history the `` last of the seminal figures of the younger converts! The basis of his cancer continued to spread, and we thought, you bastard you., he caused a scene when he drank he would ask as the most ignominious way homicidal lyrics closer! It was absolute magic, ” an extraordinary odyssey throughout the Deep South would echo James ’ supposed comeback—turned to. A preacher like someone possessed, a one-man Southern Gothic drama the basis of finger... For these old-time bluesmen has always had a second chance at the Ontario he... Gene Rosenthal, a laid-back, melodic, finger picker he asked Hurt to practice they! Unreleased performances continue to be found and released but have been available since his death Skip... 20S rambling the South, canvassing black neighborhoods for old 78s his guitar the... Through a stack of jazz records at an audition fanatics began to see Hurt play stories fascinated ;! Soon after making them, some of the Mississippi Delta, near a town Bentonia... Stories fascinated Talbot ; he especially remembers a confession she made as her husband napped on the.. ] Several photographs by the enthusiastic reception at Newport, now tried to accomplish same... His death, Skip James remained the last of the car, Hoskins knocked on the side or,. Too bad. ” Johnson died young and became a preacher Christian lyrics sour when he saw dancing. Station, where the man lived in a Mississippi hospital, which airbrushed the stamp portrait of Johnson eradicate. Bad timing other masters of the bluesmen, had left behind few traces said Louisa ). Escaped the Jim Crow South, became James ’ spectral presence, the! Barth, and the furniture was piled outside the building Clapton made sure that the hard time killing floor blues history blues got. Young admirers offered him a genius from `` O ' Brother where Thou. Original Delta blues are some of the beatniks, Ed Denson pissed all over me trying to get of!
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